Vegepod's Top 5 Endorsers

At Vegepod, we’ve acquired some pretty big-name supporters in the last couple of years! And, partly because of our new ‘In the Media’ page (check it out!), we’ve decided it’s high-time to round them up and give you a formal introduction.

Here’s a little spiel on why Jamie Durie (The Block), Graham Ross (Better Homes & Garden and The Garden Clinic), Maggie Beer (The Cook and the Chef), Naomi Simson (Shark Tank, Redballoon), and Angus Stewart (Gardening Australia) all endorse the Vegepod as their number one raised garden bed of choice.

Naomi Simson

naomi simson vegepod shark tank

Naomi Simson, of RedBalloon, came on board in July 2016, after our founder and Vegepod inventor, Matt Harris, successfully pitched her the idea of a self-watering home garden on Shark Tank Australia. She now owns stake in the company, as well as a Vegepod herself. You can see how much she loves the Vegepod on her site,

“This is a product for those among us that are not green thumbs — and the product they were offering really was unique and different. Vegepod is my most successful Shark Tank company.” - Naomi Simson

Jamie Durie

jamie durie vegepod

Jamie is one of Australia’s most well-known TV hosts and horticulturalist who’s been on some of our favourite shows (Backyard Blitz, anyone?). He came on in 2016, shortly after Naomi cornered him at an event and told him about Vegepod.

A long-time advocate for growing food in your backyard, Jamie loved the idea of how a Vegepod could teach kids. He’s been a brand ambassador ever since and helpful in the the US market with his TV appearances.

“Easily one of the most effective ways to grow veggies at home is a Vegepod.- Jamie Durie

Graham Ross

graham ross vegepod

Better Homes and Garden’s Graham Ross has been with us since early 2017. Although not a formal sponsor, Graham endorses us often via The Garden Clinic on 2GB.

Angus Stewart

angus stewart vegepod

Angus Stewart of Gardening Australia fame, is a horticulturalist and big supporter of the Vegepod. He’s written a few articles for us, such as ‘Ask Angus: What Growing Mix Should I Use For My Raised Garden Bed’ and ‘How Do I Propagate Plants In My Vegepod?’ He’s also included a section on growing with a Vegepod in his latest book ‘Grow Your Own: How to Be An Urban Farmer’.

“I believe Vegepod is the future of urban farming.” - Angus Stewart

Maggie Beer

maggie beer vegepod

An avid gardener, chef Maggie has used Vegepods for aged care homes linked to the Maggie Beer Foundation. To see more of what Maggie thinks of the Vegepod, check us out on

Recently, in fact, we were invited to Maggie’s luncheon as part of the Tasting Australia Festival. There, Maggie recommended the Pods as a great, accessible solution for aging citizens. Thanks Maggie!

A big thanks to all the high-profile endorsers of Vegepod (and all the regular folk who love us too!). Thanks for lending your support and helping spread the good word about not only Vegepod, but living sustainably in an urban world.

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