Pain Points for Urban Gardeners

Trying to grow edible plants in urban environments can be overwhelming. In this article, we go over common pain points of the metropolitan gardener and show you how to overcome these issues with a few quick and dirty tips.

New York Street IUPUI campus garden, Tuesday, October 22, 2013.


Urban environments can be cramped, with little to no space for anything more than a few token herbs. Solution? Maximise your space by hanging plants or using raised beds that allow for storage of items below.  An added benefit is that you don't have to kneel or bend your back to garden!


Wicking On many balconies and patios, taps are not installed. Solution? Self-watering pots and portable drip-irrigation systems can help. For example, the Vegepod container utilises a wicking system that draws water from the container’s reservoir.  After just some initial daily watering to establish your seedlings, your plants should be self-watering for weeks at a time.


Summertime makes everything hot and dry. Potted plants in particular can get very hot, killing the plant’s roots. Solution? Shade cloths are becoming a popular way to protect from extreme heat. We use a commercial grade crop cover mesh that provides our pods with a shade rate of 17%, while still being permeable to air and water.

Soil & Nutrients

dirt-698869_1280 After the season is over, gardeners often have to replace or rejuvenate the soil, as fruit and veg take a lot of nutrients.  This can be an arduous task in standard raised beds and pots. Solution? Keep your soil fresh by using containers that provide for nutrient recycling. Vegepod containers collect nutrients from the soil in a reservoir that wicks back up and continues to feed the plants’ roots.


Unless you live in a north facing home, the biggest issue your garden will likely face is lighting. Light can certainly be purchased, but pairing it with natural light, setting it up and paying for the energy are definite barriers. Solution? Vertical and raised beds are an excellent way to get more sun exposure. Alternatively, make your patch easily portable. Use containers and pots, that you can move around to find suitable micro-climates in your home. Plus, the Vegepod trolley stands now enable mobility even further


Cats, possums, bugs and grubs can go wandering through your produce, ruining it in seconds! Solution? Do no harm to your pets, your plants or even your pests by using garden barriers. Place row covers, hot caps and other types of cages around your patch. Vegepod’s range of covers will protect your veggies and accelerate plant growth, while keeping birds away. What are your gardening pain points? We’d love to know. Get in touch for more information about our pods or our gardening tips!

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