Non-Edible Uses For The Vegepod

We’ve been reminded by a few pics coming through that there are multiple uses for the Vegepod. Besides being an excellent grower of delicious fruits, greens and veggies - the Vegepod is also great for non-edible purposes such as ornamentals, houseplants, smudge sticks, potpourris, herbal teas and even botanical soaps.

Here’s a collection of pics showing off the Pod’s many 'non-edible' uses. We hope you take away some inspiration and ideas. Enjoy!

Botanical Soaps 

herbs and flowers in a raised garden bed

Image: Renae McBrien, @4121Local

The amazing Renae McBrien from 4121 Soap Company makes botanical soaps using 'just-picked' Vegepod ingredients. Renae then sells her soaps at local hospitals in the 4121 postcode (Holland Park, Brisbane - if you're in the area). The money she makes from her organic soaps is used to keep several hospital garden clubs running. 

She's a serious local legend in her community, using her company to invest in the 4121 area and help her patients get into gardening. Check her out on Instagram - @4121Local.

4121 soaps

Image: Renae McBrien, @4121Local

Above is a pic of her beautiful Primrose and Geranium soaps - would you try this out for an early Christmas present?

Houseplants and Succulents

Here’s a Vegepod filled to the brim with different succulent varieties. Just switch out your potting mix for cacti soil to get a mini nursery going.


This pic by @tri_natural (aka Sandi Peter) shows a small Vegepod growing orchids at the Madonna Villa Nursing Home. Aunt Mary’s orchids were being eaten by possums. The solution? Fill the Pod with bark mix and repot the healthier orchids. The ornamentals are now thriving in the Pod.

House Flowers 

Matilda Chan from windy Wellington, NZ grows peonies in the Pod beside her fruits and veggies. She says the Pod works just as well to keep them protected and looking gorgeous. 


Okay, so herbal teas are edible - but we loved this blog by Claire Bickle - all about how to make fresh teas in the Vegepod. It's something new and different to try - give it a go and let us know how you did. 

Essential Oils, Potpourri & Smudge Sticks

Image: Renae McBrien, @4121Local

We haven't yet come across a Podder who's captured this! If anyone has let their inner hippy out and photographed Vegepod-grown aromatics, let us know in the comments below. We'd love to see what a sage-smudge stick from the Vegepod looks like. 

We hope you enjoyed our non-edible ideas for the Vegepod raised garden bed. Have we missed any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below! If you've decided to try out any of these ideas please send us a pic. We'd love to showcase non-edible uses on our Facebook page. Happy gardening!

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